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RENEGADE is now available!
If you would like to share your thoughts on Renegade, Contact me, or use the Comments section of this page.  Here are some things early readers have had to say:

... Evocative prose, tight and well-depicted dialog, distinct and memorable characters, and shifting plotlines that weave around themes...
This story is a wonderful addition to "The Passion" and "The Promise." What's so gratifying about all three novels is that they are stylistically different works, rather than the cookie-cutter formulaic urban fantasy or paranormal that's so often produced by many authors. Each work had considerable unpredictability as to where things would ultimately go. "The Passion" had a brilliant turn by pivoting from Alexander to his brother Denis, with Tessa giving continuity to the two parts of the story. "The Promise" evoked Susan Marr Spalding's oft-quoted poem "Fate" ( ) - although with a finally, happier ending, as well as delving further into recognizing consequences of rash actions. "Renegade" explores the previous themes of ambiguity in an even deeper way, following a number of intricately woven twists right through the ending - and all done in a way that feels "right" for the characters and not in any way contrived...  It's a tight read, a new voice that fits well with the voices of the prior stories. And it builds on everything that came before and ties it together in ways that few if any would have foreseen - and that makes sense since the characters have stated all along that they enjoy scheming and matching their wits against one another.
--Matthew in Houston

I don't  read many [ of these kinds of] books but I love this one!  Now I'm going back to get the first two in the series!
--Barb, on Facebook

Thank you so much for your wonderful new Devoncroix Dynasty book. LOVED IT J . I read it like a gluttonous person stuffing delicious chocolates.   
Looking forward to more Devoncroix.
---Joanne, via e-mail

The Devoncroix series is by far my favorite series out there. I love it. Thank you for answering back my love with Renegade, it lives up to all my expectations and more. Thank you.

---Samuel, via e-mail 


In 1998 Donna Boyd wrote THE PASSION, followed by THE PROMISE in 1999 about the Devoncroix family. The Devoncroix are like none other; they are werewolves, leaders of humankind. The books are fascinating stories that leave readers spellbound and hoping for more. What a wonderful surprise to finally see a third book in the series, RENEGADE, published in 2011.

The story opens with Emory Hilliford held captive by a man named Rolfe who is questioning him and threatening him if he lies. Emory is forced to tell his life story and that of the Lupinotuum (loup garou). A human, he grew up in a privileged Lupinotuum household befriended by the Fasburgs and their daughter, Lara. The loup garou are wealthy, intelligent, and powerful -- few humans even know that they exist among them, but they are responsible for most of the innovations of the 20
th century.

As Emory investigates the lineage of the Lupinotuum for the history book he intends to write, he discovers many interesting facts about the interrelationship between the loup garou and humans. He has no idea that he will later play a major role in this regard. Eudora Devoncroix came to power in the middle ages, and it changed the course of history, and the Devoncroixs rule the pack to this day.

The castle of Devoncroix is located in Alaska in the wilderness. It is a beautiful, large compound where there are no roads leading to the castle, and it cannot be seen from the sky. The inhabitants live in the lap of luxury. In the 20
th century, Alexander rules the pack with his youngest son, Nicholas. Emory would like nothing more than to be one of them. He feels less than loup garou and more than human, and when he has a choice, he always chooses the loup garou. Nicholas is an arrogant young man, handsome, smart, and wealthy. Lara prefers the human lifestyle.

The world of the loup garou is a fascinating one. As you read the book, it is so realistically and beautifully written you can almost believe that we humans live among the Lupinotuum who can be both violent and enjoy living life to the fullest. After all, the stories regarding werewolves have been around for years, but we think of them as only romantic tales of fear and horror. Ms. Boyd will have you looking around considering the impossible. Although RENEGADE is not a typical love story, love is part of the tale as well as intrigue. Emory’s choices are not always wise, but he has experiences that few humans have in the world of the Lupinotuum.

Readers will be wondering about the mysterious Rolfe; what does he have to do with the loup garou, and will Emory survive his interrogation? RENEGADE is a tale of suspense, and adventure. It is exciting to read and has a very unpredictable conclusion. Although it is the third book in the series, it can stand alone; although for added enjoyment, it is recommended that you read the two previous books to begin your fascinating journey. The three books are highly recommended. Once you begin reading, you won’t want to put them down.

--Romance Reviews Today